"You will duel them," Sidious had said. "Kill Kenobi. His only purpose is to die and, in so doing, ignite young Skywalker to tap the depths of his fear and rage.” ~ Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno

tagged → #Star Wars #Anakin Skywalker #Obi-Wan Kenobi #Count Dooku #anakinobiwan #my edits #Parallels are fun and protective!Anakin is basically my favorite thing ever so here have this #Y'know sometimes I just like reflecting on the fact that for every single plan Palpatine had to turn Anakin #getting Obi-Wan out of the way had to be a huge priority #First in TCW in Crisis on Naboo he's clearly trying to take advantage of Anakin's anger #to drive a wedge between them and make Anakin embrace his rage #but then whoops Obi-Wan comes racing in to help Anakin the second he realizes there's trouble #helps him fend off both Dooku and (unknowingly) Anakin's own anger #and Palpatine learns the hard way no matter how they fight they're not willingly going to stay separated for long #then as you see with this quote in the next variation of the plan #Anakin's grief and rage over Obi-Wan's death was supposed to be such a big part of his fall #but Palpatine doesn't take into account Anakin having a protective streak a mile wild #or how hard he'll fight to keep Obi-Wan alive #and that because of that Obi-Wan CAN'T directly be used against Anakin this way- Anakin won't allow it #so he scrambles and just tries to manipulate Anakin into leaving Obi-Wan for dead #but it hilariously backfires to the extent we see in the ROTS novelization #first with Anakin thinking for a moment he doesn't like Palpatine at all for even suggesting it #then with Anakin basically admitting to himself in the elevator shaft that #he'd let Palpatine drop to his death before risking Obi-Wan falling #So in the face of everything else he tried failing horrifically #the focus becomes separation #even if he can't seem to kill him #all the same Palpatine doesn't dare make his final move #specifically until he's sure Obi-Wan is as far off planet as possible #He knew very well that if it had come down to Anakin choosing between him or Obi-Wan instead of him or Mace
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