This is the death of Count Dooku: A starburst of clarity blossoms within Anakin Skywalker’s mind when he says to himself Oh. I get it now, and discovers that the fear within his heart can be a weapon too.

It is that simple, and that complex.

And it is final.

Dooku is dead already. The rest is mere detail. […]

His head has been filled with the smoke from his smothered heart for far too long; it has been the thunder that darkens his mind. On Aargonar, on Jabiim, in the Tusken camp on Tatooine, that smoke had clouded his mind, had blinded him and left him flailing in the dark, a mindless machine of slaughter; but here, now, within this ship, this microscopic cell of life in the infinite sterile desert of space, his firewalls have opened so that the terror and the rage are out there, in the fight instead of in his head, and Anakin’s mind is clear as a crystal bell.

In that pristine clarity, there is only one thing he must do. Decide.

So he does.

He decides to win[…]

As he looks up into the eyes of Anakin Skywalker for the final time, Count Dooku knows that he has been deceived not just today, but for many, many years. That he has never been the true apprentice. That he has never been the heir to the power of the Sith. He has only been a tool.

His whole life- all his victories, all his struggles, all his heritage, all his principles and his sacrifices, everything he’s done, everything he owns, everything he’s been, all his dreams and grand vision for the future Empire and the Army of Sith- have been only a pathetic sham, because all of them, all of him, add up only to this.

He has existed only for this.

To be the victim of Anakin Skywalker’s first cold-blooded murder.

First but not, he knows, the last.

- Revenge of the Sith Novelization by Matthew Stover

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