When it all falls through, I’m here and I hear you 

tagged → #Castiel #Balthazar #castielbalthazar #my edits #mine: Supernatural #filed under lyrics that always make me think of this ship #because that's what balthazar always does- he hears him #numerous characters this season completely misunderstand castiel and think he's being prideful or power hungry #and they turn a blind eye to his suffering #but here is the first time they've been together in so long and balthazar understands that castiel is suffering #he knows before castiel has to say it that he needs help and he truly grasps and understands how horrific the war situation is #which leads to this tender moment of balthazar simply telling castiel 'i know' with so much empathy in both his tone and his eyes- #because he really does #ugh and there's so much going unsaid in the second moment #but the beautiful thing about these 2 is that it's because it doesn't need to be said #that long deep gaze from castiel is both a thank you and an apology all at once #a thank you for everything balthazar has just given to him and done for him which is so much #and an apology for dragging balthazar back into this war he wanted nothing to do with and putting him back on the front lines #for the fact that all balthazar has asked castiel for in return for everything is that castiel keep himself alive #and castiel knows even that much is a promise he can't keep #and without needing any of that verbalized balthazar still hears it all the same #and just as silently he's telling cas that he knows and he understands and it's okay #balthazar understands him and he loves him and that's all that really matters #fml can't deal with all these feelings- my otp was clearly too perfect for this world
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    #because that’s what balthazar always does- he hears him #numerous characters this season completely misunderstand...
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